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Dremel Digilab 3D45 Award Winning 3D Printer with Heated Build Plate, High Build Volume (254 x 152 x 170 mm) to print 1.75 mm PLA, Nylon, Eco ABS and PETG Filament at 50 Micron Resolution

Brand: DremelColor: BlackFeatures: Granted PCMag 2018 Editors' Choice Award RFID built-in to detect the filament type inserted, automatically adjust to optimal 3D printer settings and to track filament left on...
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Brand: Dremel

Color: Black


  • Granted PCMag 2018 Editors' Choice Award
  • RFID built-in to detect the filament type inserted, automatically adjust to optimal 3D printer settings and to track filament left on the spool
  • Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in HD camera and included remote printing software so you can print and monitor your prints from anywhere; you can also print over a local network without internet, or via USB
  • Easily removable heated glass build plate for 3D print volume up to 254 x 152 x 170 mm and 0.4mm nozzle in fully enclosed sturdy design for better prints, better safety and minimal chance for warping
  • Supported 3D filaments: PLA, Eco ABS, Nylon, PETG; included filaments in kit: 1x Eco ABS Filament Black, 1x PETG Filament Translucent

Publisher: Bosch

Release Date: 01-09-2017

Details: The Dremel Digilab 3D45 Idea Builder is the most suitable 3D printer for printing with advanced material filaments such as ECO ABS, Nylon, PETG and PLA. This is Dremel's best 3D printer for university use. With a fully metal 0.4 mm precision nozzle and removable heated glass build plate, it prints almost any 1.75mm 3D filament with ease. The 3D45 is equipped with user-friendly features and has a guided set-up process to get you from unboxing to printing in under 15 minutes. The 5 Inch full colour LCD touchscreen has an intuitive operating interface for smooth and easy navigate through the different printing functions. This 3D printer also allows for pausing a print in order to change filament to print in multiple colours. Featuring a built-in RFID reader, the 3D45 3D printer detects the 1.75mm Dremel filament that is placed inside and automatically identifies the best print settings for that filament. You can easily connect the 3D45 to Wi-Fi and use the included remote printing software to send prints from anywhere, and you can also use the software to monitor your prints using the built in HD camera. The fully enclosed design helps reduce the chance for warping, provides better safety, and makes the printer very quiet. It additionally helps the printer achieve a very high quality with 50 micron layer height. You can print using the included cloud software, the included Dremel Digilab 3D Slicer for Windows or Mac, or 3D software that supports .gcode or .g3drem files. The Dremel Slicer can be used to print multiple objects at a time, add supports, change layer height, change infill and even access advanced settings for the best prints. With over 85 years of reliable quality, Dremel is an established brand providing professional customer service, sparepart service and a 2 year warranty. If you want to buy a 3D printer for architecture, education, or engineering, the 3D45 is most suited. Certifications: All Dremel 3D Printers are CE and UL certified Technical Specifications: Print technology: FDM Layer thinkness: 300 microns (0.3 mm) - 50 microns (0.05 mm) Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm Extruder: 1 Supported filament types: 1.75mm PLA, Eco-ABS, Nylon, PETG Max. build volume: 254 x 152 x 170 mm Operating interface: 5 Inch LCD Touchscreen Leveling: Semi-Automated Export file: G3DREM, GCODE Temperatures: Build plate: 100 degree Celsius Max Extruder: 280 degree Celsius Operating: 16 degree Celsius - 29 degree Celsius Software: File type: STL, OBJ Slicer Software: Dremel DigiLab 3D Slicer, Cura, 3DprinterOS, Simplify3D Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi

EAN: 8710364080236

Package Dimensions: 23.1 x 19.8 x 19.0 inches

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